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Three-stringed guitar

Two-stringed low bass

A evil drums

After 2 years of playing

We have halved our tools

But not our expression


Pointing the maximum to minimum that’s all, turbomatt!

The banana peel on the ground

The pie in the face

The athlete in the circus trapeze

Tricks easily discovered

The horror movie makes me laugh

Modern Sound not interested

We have surpassed all genres stopping at the early twentieth century When “Diva” went around with a crocodile on a leash

There you can find in the night club

In Paris

To play six hours straight loads of Absence and Alchool With the bowler and the echoes of the futurism in mind Or down in the movie theatre to accompany “The man with a movie camera.”

Turbomatt not afraid to be pop

Not like Andy Warhol

Pop as George Melies



2009 – Turbomatt

2010 – Own Demon

2012 – Soul Elevation

2016 – Only Mountains Are Real


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